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Mission Accomplishd

Dear Readers,

A few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

Developing fluency with skip counting  and number patterns.

Outdoor Missions: This week, the children in Readeville completed their first ‘outdoor mission’, as part of Outdoor Learning Day. The children have loved setting up our garden and watching their own patch of nature take shape, and were excited to extend their focus to other types of learning outside. This week’s mission: Get from point A to point B without being seen by a single bird. We hope to complete an outdoor mission each week.

Novel Discoveries: Simone, our teacher librarian, reviewed a whole lot of junior fiction for the year ones and twos, many of who are discovering the delights of novels. The children are now super excited to get back to the library to choose a new batch of books to enjoy.

Storybird: We have been using the online program ‘Storybird’ to create online Ebooks. Students have their own login and can continue their stories at home if they wish.

3D printing: We had another opportunity to explore the 3D printing Makers Empire app.

Read to Someone: We are practising fluency and also celebrating shared stories as part of our reading program. In maths, we are investigating this guiding question: What makes a pattern a pattern? We are also continuing to build a positive culture around working through maths problems and challenges. In handwriting, we are working on correct formation of chicken, giraffe and monkey letters.


We love using the Plickers app to support our learning!

⚫️🔵Board games: Next week, Readeville will start a History inquiry into toys and games – their past, their future and what makes them successful. This inquiry will be linked to a pilot 3D printing project at the school. As part of this, we are asking children to bring along a non-electronic game (eg a board game, elastics, knuckle-bones). We will need the games by next Thursday (May 25) please.🔵⚫️

Bully No More: Next Tuesday (May 23), the children will be watching the play Bully No More, as part of our Health curriculum. There is no cost for this play.

Farewell Bella: We said farewell to Bella this week because her family is moving interstate. The children enjoyed a popcorn party to celebrate Bella and all of her learning at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School. Bella has been a remarkably caring, thoughtful, conscientious member of the Readeville community and we wish her and her family well.

See you next week,

Marie 😀

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Hi Readers,

If you were unable to attend the assembly today, check out the awesome video that Room 22 made about our school values. We had a blast filming it!

Room 22 would love to see some comments about our video as they were so keen to share it!


Thursday Thinkers

If you have any spare odd socks lying around at home we would love to use them as whiteboard erasers for our math fluency tasks.

Wishing all the mothers and carers a fabulous Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Mothers Day Quotes

Have a great weekend,

Marie 🙂

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Week 1 Happenings

Dear Readers,

Check out the fun and learning that has been happening in Room 22 this week!

Library Legends!

We had so much fun at the library legend morning tea this morning.


We have been continuing with our learning about money and collections of coins.


This week we began our learning about writing procedures. We wrote our first procedure about how to make fairy bread. We really enjoyed eating it after we wrote down all the steps to make it!


This week students came up with their own experiment they would like to conduct to further develop their understanding about research and inquiry skills. Some examples we came up with include:

  1. Will a carrot crow quicker than a broccoli seed?
  2. What will happen to the colour of the vegetable if I add food colouring?
  3. Will a seed grow if it is sealed in a box with no light or air?

Have a great weekend,


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Week 1 Term 2

Dear Readers,

We hope you have enjoyed the break from school routines and your children are recharged ready for another busy term ahead. A little info relating to the week ahead….

Odd Socks: If you have an odd spare sock at home please send it along with your child during the first week back to school. The children have opportunities to communicate their learning in a variety of ways (other than just pencil in their books). One of their favourite ways is using individual mini whiteboards and markers. Socks are used as an eraser for the whiteboards and also a handy way to store individual markers.

Maths challenges: Some of you have asked about home maths challenges for the students. One starting point is the resource Nrich ( This website is full of puzzles and challenges that encourage children’s mathematical engagement and thinking in a wide range of ways. If you do explore Nrich at home, we would love to hear any feedback about what your child liked about it (or didn’t like, if that’s the case). We hope you enjoy it.

Notes:  A note about the JP special lunch order was sent home today as well as a note about your child bringing in a small jar or container to school for a planned science experiment. It would be great if these jars/containers could be brought in by Monday, week 2.

Room 22 are library legends!

As a reward for the continuous respect shown during our library visits, the students in room 22 have been invited for a VIP morning tea and movie this Friday. Room 22  earned a green sticker every single week last term! I’m so proud of how Room 22 consistently demonstrates our school values of care, respect and safety.  Please return the consent form on the bottom of this note to give permission for your child to watch the movie Moana (PG) on Friday morning.

Room 22 Assembly.

Room 22 will be hosting the next JP assembly (Friday 12th May) at 11:15 am in the hall. All parents and family members are invited to attend. The students would love to see you there.

Kind regards,

Marie 🙂


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Dear Readers,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

We really appreciated all the donations and fruit for our stall. Readeville Drinks was a huge success and we sold out of everything! Word spread quickly around the school about our fresh lemonade. Thanks Koula (Isabella’s mum), Simone and Sia for squeezing all those lemons this morning.

Thank you to all the parents that helped out on the stall throughout the day and for donations of coolers and jugs. I know I have said it a thousand times but your support is really appreciated. We wouldn’t be able to run these events successfully without your support. The children were really proud of our stall and we had so many little helpers helping serve and collect money.

Casual Day: This Thursday is a casual day as a fundraiser for the Cancer Council. The school is asking children who come in casual clothes to bring a ‘daffodil-coloured’ coin (i.e a gold coin)

Early Dismissal: A reminder that there is an early dismissal time of 2:10 on Thursday.

Wow! What an incredible first term at CLG it has been. I have LOVED teaching in Room 22 with an amazing bunch of children! I hope you all enjoy the holiday break with your child/ren and see you all back for another busy term.

Happy Holidays,

Marie 🙂

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Readeville – Week Nine

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support with our school interviews this week. It was great to have the opportunity to talk with you in more depth about your child’s learning.

Here are a few more things to celebrate (and to remember) in Readeville:

Japanese Children’s Day: The children have been busy this week making three colourful carp to send to our sister-school in Japan to recognise Japanese Children’s Day. The students showed great creative energy in putting these fish together (please see photo attached).

Notes: Yesterday students took home two school notes. One was about Enterprise Day and the other was about Easter seminars at school (please return the permission slip if you would like your child to attend).

Readeville Garden: It has been very exciting to observe the first shoots coming up in our garden. The carrots, beetroot and peas are all starting to grow. As part of our inquiry, students have also conducted their own science experiments investigating what plants need to grow and thrive. We hope you enjoy the photo.


See you next week!


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Go Noodle

Hi Everyone,

This year, our class has been using GoNoodle – a free website that helps us stay active and having fun as a class. GoNoodle’s short, easy-to-follow videos get kids running, dancing, stretching, and practicing emotional awareness at school.

Children can enjoy the same GoNoodle videos at home when you create a free account in their iOS app or at Sign up to connect to our classroom!

Click here to connect:

Marie Pytharoulis

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Week 8 Fun

Hi Readers,

Week 8 already! Another busy week of learning in Room 22.

Room 22 is still looking for a parent rep. Please let Marie know asap if you are interested and can attend the meeting next Friday.

Harmony Day

Readeville spent the day exploring how we all belong in Reade. We spent the afternoon reflecting  on accepting difference in others.



Students in groups this week came up with an experiment to test whether seeds need particular aspects to grow.

Thursday Thinkers 

We have finally settled into Thursday Thinkers. During this time we practise and develop number fact fluency. If you would like to help out on a Thursday morning with Thursday Thinkers please let Marie know.

Thank you for booking a time to meet with me next week for parent teacher interviews. I look forward to meeting with you all to discuss your child’s learning and progress.




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Harmony in Readeville

Dear Readers,

Well done to all the citizens of Readeville for their stellar learning during the past few weeks. Here are a few updates:

Writing: In the lead-up to Enterprise Day, we have been investigating how words can be used to persuade a reader. We started by asking children whether they agreed or disagreed with a range of statements (eg Readeville should grow broccoli in the garden). Students began to write a persuasive letter convincing the 4 teachers in Readeville  why they should or should not have an extra activity session.


Maths: In maths, we have started exploring linear measurement, which involved measuring our feet in three different ways.  We read the book “How Big is a Foot?’  and students measured their feet three different ways. Students also went for a nature walk around the school collecting items from the garden. They then had to compare and order their items and record some comparisons.

Inquiry: The students have been fascinated by our investigations into what plants need to grow and thrive. Our first seeds have been sown in the Readeville garden and our gardeners are keeping a lookout for their first sprouts.

Harmony Day: On  Tuesday, March 21, Readeville will recognise Harmony Day. Please feel free to send your child to school wearing something orange to recognise this day. Please note, it is not a casual day – children may wear orange or their school uniform.

Image result for harmony day


Parent-Teacher Interviews: Please note, parent-teacher interviews will take place in week nine. A note was sent home last week in your child’s blue reading folder with details about the electronic booking process being used this year. Students are not required to attend the interviews but can attend if you wish for them to be present.

Parent Reps: Room 22 does not yet have a parent rep (or reps!).  If you are willing and able to help out as a parent rep. for Room 22, please refer to the notice that went home with your child on Friday about helping out in this role. The first meeting will be on a Friday. Please see Marie if you can help or would like some more information. 


Thanks for your support with your child’s learning – it is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to parents who have been able to help out in class by listening to reading or helping with the garden – your help is greatly valued.

Please see us if you have any questions!

Marie 🙂

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Thanks Green Thumbs

A huge thank you to the amazing parents who helped out with preparing and planting in our garden this morning. The session ran very smoothly thanks the invaluable support of our parent helpers. The children (and teachers) are so excited about watching our gardens grow. Some photos of this morning’s success…


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