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Week 6 Information

Dear readers,

I have included 3 notes below that have been sent home this week in regards to the move to Doolette and our concert item.

Reade Move

Most of our classroom items have been moved over to Doolette or moved into storage for next year. As of Monday morning, room 22 will meet and be dismissed from the outside Japanese room door.  Please note that there is a Reception student in the Doolette building with a severe nut allergy. We are asking for your support in not packing any items that contain egg in your child’s lunch box for the remainder of the year.

Other than the change in rooms, we will continue with our regular teaching and learning program to ensure the transition into Doolette is as smooth as possible.

Concert Item 

We will be rocking out to Bon Jovi ‘Livin on a Prayer’ for our concert item. I hope that you have seen the note with costuming information. I have attached the note below for your reference.

Animal Oral Presentations

I have been blown away with the effort, preparation and confidence students have shown when presenting their oral presentations. Thank you for supporting your child at home with this task.


Nancy Elder will be in the classroom tomorrow as I have my final report writing day. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with everything happening this week. I can’t believe that I only have 4 more weeks with the wonderful children in Room 22.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,


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Pupil Free Day + Other Information

Hi readers,

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 3/11/17)  is a pupil free day. I will also be absent from the classroom on Monday and Friday next week as I will be listening to students read and report writing. The regular class program will continue.

End of Year Concert

The end of year concert will be held in week 8 this term (as long as the rain stays away!). We are performing with Room 15. We will send out some information soon about our song and costuming ideas.



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Week 3 + Zoo Photos

Dear Readers,

We had a whole lot of fun and experienced really valuable learning opportunities at our zoo excursion this week. The children did a fabulous job of observing and researching animals ‘in the field’. An elephant-sized thank you to the parent volunteers who gave their time and support on the day.

Here are some photo highlights…


Here is our other news from Room 22 in Readeville:

  1. Oxford words: Today your child took home his/her latest assessment for the spelling of the Oxford words. The words in grey are the words children know. So, please help your child practise the words in black type – these are the words they are still learning to spell.
  2. Reading: We have also sent home the log-on cards for the Oxford Owl e-books that we mentioned in an earlier post, so your child can read these books at home, too. I will completing reading assessments over the next few weeks.
  3. In maths, we have been closely investigating the minute hand and how it helps us to tell the time. This has really helped many of the children to see that at 10 past the hour, the minute hand is not on the 10! We have also been investigating the language and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Speaking of shapes, we have attached a shape investigation that really stretched many of our learners. It was a good opportunity to discuss what to do when we feel ‘stuck’ in maths (e.g share ideas, draw pictures, work backwards) and we felt the quote we’ve attached was particularly relevant, too.
  1. Writing: We have been reading information texts to help us further explore their features (e.g headings, sub-headings, fact boxes, photos and diagrams). Our zoo visit was a great opportunity for the children to collect their own factual details.
  2. Pupil-free day: Don’t forget, next Friday (November 3) is a pupil-free day.
  3. Term overview: Attached is a learning overview for term four.

Term Four Overview Reade 2017 FINAL-25dgiyg

We hope you enjoy the photos below, too.

See you next week!


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Dear readers,

Week one done and dusted! I have a feeling this term is going to fly by!

Congratulations to Room 22 for being Library Legends in Term 3!  Simone will be throwing us a party to celebrate how we have shown Respect, Care and Safety throughout the term. 

1. We are in the process of testing children on their spelling progress for the Oxford words. We aim to send home the most up-to-date list for them to practise at home by the end of this week.

2. This term, we are exploring time concepts, including reading analogue and digital clocks. If your child has access to an analogue clock or watch (i.e one with numerals and hands – see photo) at home, it should greatly enhance their ability to make connections as we investigate time. Any incidental opportunities that you have to discuss time as it relates to your child’s life (e.g the sequencing of time, the duration of an after-school activity) will also be beneficial.

3. Your child will soon come home with log-on details so they can access e-books to use as an alternative to their hard-copy readers. These e-books have been selected at a level for your child to read with confidence, fluency and enjoyment.

4. Thanks to everyone that has donated tissues and hand wash. It’s greatly appreciated.

5. A friendly reminder that consent and payment for our zoo excursion was due last week. We have attached another photo of the note that we sent home, FYI.

6. This term, our weekly sharing/topic talks will be about endangered animals. Please look out for more information about these talks and a weekly schedule.

7. Lateness: Please note, if your child arrives at school between 8:50 and 9:00, they will now have their lateness recorded in the classroom. If they arrive at school after 9:00, they need to go to the office to have their lateness recorded.

8. Please see attached note for more information about our Child Protection Curriculum this term.

Here is a photo of the children enjoying a tennis session

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards,

Marie 😁



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What a Term!

Dear Readers,

Well done to all the citizens of Readeville for another knock-out term of learning! Thank you, as always, for all of the support that you provide at home and in the classroom to help make our students as successful as possible. Here are some of our learning highlights for the past few weeks of this busy term:

Japan Day: The students enjoyed origami, cherry-blossom art and a mapping challenge, as well as insights into traditional elements of Japanese culture, such as a tea ceremony and a performance of Japanese story-telling and music. Thank you to Oka Sensai for the time and effort that he put into the day.

Maths: We have been investigating fractions and equal sharing of whole objects and collections of objects. The children have had lots of hands-on experience exploring halves, quarters, eighths and thirds. We have also looked at mapping in our world and the language of position and location.

Writing: We have been analysing all of the steps that go into planning and creating a ‘great story’. This included story plans and making plasticine models of characters and settings. The children thoroughly enjoyed bringing their narratives to life in this way and the end result was engaging tales that made us want to read on. Our writers have also been investigating similies, such as ‘as cool as a cucumber’, to see how interesting words and phrases can lift a piece of writing.
Also, here are a few housekeeping notes:

The children return to school for term four on Monday, October 16.
We would greatly appreciate donations of tissues, hand-soap and hand sanitiser if you are able to provide them.

Please remember to send back consent forms and payments for our zoo excursion if you have not already done so. These are due back by Thursday of week one (October 19).

Finally, we hope you enjoy the photos below and we wish you a safe and happy break ahead. See you next term.



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Casual Day Friday

Hi all,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is casual day. There is no cost for dressing in casual.

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Sports Day Fun

Hi readers,

Here are some photos from Sports Day. The weather was perfect and the day was a huge success. The children all had a great time rotating through a range of activities and showed great sportsmanship!

Thank you to all the parents that helped throughout the day especially with the fireman mat (what a hit that was!!)









Week Eight – Housekeeping

Dear Readers,

Just a few housekeeping points for this busy time:

  1. The children have been doing lots of reflecting about their learning and are excited about sharing their highlights at next week’s learning conferences. Please note, online bookings for the conferences have now closed.
  2. Friendly reminder – it’s Sports Day next Thursday (Sept. 21). Please make sure your child is wearing sunblock before they come to school and have sunblock that they can reapply independently during the day (students will be outside all day). Water bottles are also essential. Please note, normal dismissal procedures apply for Sports Day (i.e if you need to take home your child early, you will need to sign them out from the office and give the teacher the sign-out slip before you leave).

Zoo excursion note – will be sent home on Monday.

Thanks for your support.

Marie 🙂

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Weekly Update

Hi readers,

Well done to all of the swimmers in Readeville for a sensational effort in the pool last week! The children had to explore a whole range of expert-learner qualities, particularly being organised, independent, risk takers and team workers. The organiser of the swimming program contacted CLG leadership to let them know how impressed she was with the behaviour and attitudes demonstrated by our students this week. Go swimmers!

These notes were sent home tonight in regards to booking a time and the Readeville format for Student Led Conferences.

Please note, this Friday (Sept. 8) is a school-closure day because of the Royal Show. If your child has a talk scheduled for that Friday, they will be able to present on the Thursday of week seven or the Monday of week eight.

Forward notice: A friendly reminder that Sports Day will be held on Thursday of week nine (Sept. 21). Please let us know if you are not sure what house colour your child is in.
Thanks for your support. See you next week.

please enjoy this collage of photos of the work we have been doing this week on narrative writing.



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Book Week Fun

Dear Readers,

What a fantastic week of Book Week activities! The children have been engaged and stimulated by author and illustrator talks, craft sessions in the library, the thought-provoking play Super Duper and, of course, the Book Week parade.

Special thanks to CLG’s teacher librarian, Simone, for all of the time and effort that she put into Book Week – her sincere love of books and reading really shines through.

Check out the doppelganger ‘Wandas’ around the school today!

The children in Room 22 made me feel very special on my birthday. What a wonderful community we have at CLGPS!

Here are some photo  highlights:

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